Patio and Pool Deck Overlay

paver pool deck remodel

Belgard recently began manufacturing a very thin paver veneer that’s perfectly suited to eliminate the ugly of your existing concrete patios and pool decks. At 60mm, standard pavers are simply too tall to install atop a concrete pool deck, which leaves you only the option of removing the pool deck should you want pavers. This is a big, sometimes costly job.  And … Read More

Paver Pool Deck Remodel

If you’ve owned your pool long, you’ve likely experienced unsightly cracks in cool decking. In the extreme temperature swings in the Phoenix metro area, the underlying concrete of your pool deck expands and contracts regularly. To accommodate this, concrete companies build expansion gaps into the deck every 6 to 8 feet. The gap gives the deck room to expand, and … Read More

Phoenix area paver manufacturers

Mega Bergerac

Ten years ago there were only a couple of companies manufacturing pavers in Arizona, Pavestone and Belgard, meaning your choices in style and color were relatively limited. Today, there are 7 different companies, operating more than 10 manufacturing plants. Each company offers different paver styles, sizes, textures, and colors, seriously complicating the paver selection problem. Here’s a quick list of each … Read More

How to choose the best paver color

contrasting paver and tiles

Very few decisions you make when planning your paver project have as much impact on the outcome as selecting a paver color. By the time you notice the stone shape, size, or installation pattern, the color of the pavement will already have created an impression. Color can add warmth or coolness, blend in to the surroundings, or stand markedly out.

The importance of a paver job well done

It’s easy to spot professional work of all sorts, from photography to bookkeeping to building. Perhaps you saw it while shopping for your current or previous home. You walk outside of an otherwise beautiful house to find terrible landscapes. From materials that obviously come from Home Depot or Lowe’s, to shoddy installations, bad is bloody bad.<