Patio and Pool Deck Overlay

paver pool deck remodel

Belgard recently began manufacturing a very thin paver veneer that’s perfectly suited to eliminate the ugly of your existing concrete patios and pool decks. At 60mm, standard pavers are simply too tall to install atop a concrete pool deck, which leaves you only the option of removing the pool deck should you want pavers. This is a big, sometimes costly job.  And 60mm pavers eliminate the “step-down” from the elevation of your door jamb, to the top of your concrete patio.  This isn’t an issue for most newer homes (unless there are other elevations the pavers must meet), but some older homes don’t have much, if any, step down at all.  Again, this leaves removing the patio as the only option to improve the aesthetics.

These new, very thin veneer pavers, however, not only make it possible to overlay almost any existing concrete, but also match up to Belgard’s other standard pavers.  It also has a matching coping stone with a turndown that covers the existing deck face.  Your pool remodel just got much, much easier and less expensive.

We had the opportunity to be one of the first Phoenix area contractors to get our hands on this new paver, and we really liked the result.


paver patio overlaypaver pool deck remodelpaver pool deck remodel











paver patio remodelpaver pool deck remodelpaver pool deck remodel