Paver Pool Deck Remodel

cracks in pool deckIf you’ve owned your pool long, you’ve likely experienced unsightly cracks in cool decking. In the extreme temperature swings in the Phoenix metro area, the underlying concrete of your pool deck expands and contracts regularly. To accommodate this, concrete companies build expansion gaps into the deck every 6 to 8 feet. The gap gives the deck room to expand, and helps alleviate the pressure within the deck that leads to cracking.

Unfortunately, this practice is only moderately successful, and your pool deck concrete will crack and show through in your cool decking. Repairing concrete cracks is not easy, and you’ve very few options. You can either resurface or replace the existing concrete. Resurfacing may be the least costly option in the short term. But rest assured, if you do this, you will be doing this again within a few years. Replacing the cracked concrete will cost more upfront, but can eliminate the recurring hassle and expense of patching the concrete problem. It also provides a good opportunity to replace your deck with concrete pavers.

If you decide to replace your concrete pool deck with pavers, there are several things you should consider and that your deck contractor should be talking about.

In most cases we’ve come across, it’s not practical to simply overlay even thin, 45mm pavers over the existing deck. Doing so raises your deck level by a few inches, and will also require increasing the elevation of much of your pool hardware. You also increase the vertical distance between the top of your deck and the water. Paver manufacturers do make coping pavers that are shaped to cover the face of the deck just above the water line tile. Further, the existing deck is still there. If it cracks or shifts, that movement will show up in the paver surface.

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Replacing the deck entirely involves draining the pool, removing the existing deck, installing pavers and paver coping stones, and reinstalling water line tiles. Of course every project is different, and your remodel job may involve more or less than this. If you’d like to discuss your remodel job, contact us for a free project consultation and estimate.