Phoenix area paver manufacturers

Mega Bergerac

Ten years ago there were only a couple of companies manufacturing pavers in Arizona, Pavestone and Belgard, meaning your choices in style and color were relatively limited. Today, there are 7 different companies, operating more than 10 manufacturing plants. Each company offers different paver styles, sizes, textures, and colors, seriously complicating the paver selection problem.

Here’s a quick list of each manufacturer and links to their websites:


Pavestone has been around nearly as long as pavers themselves, and is a large, national company with a manufacturing plant located in Phoenix. Pavestone’s product line is incredibly diverse, with many different styles and colors available.

For years it seemed as though every commercial job installed in Phoenix specified a Pavestone product, though that has changed somewhat in recent years as some of the other manufacturers have worked hard at reaching the architectural community, and as architectural trends have changed.

Plaza Pavers

But that’s not to say that Pavestone products are strictly for commercial products. To the contrary, many of Pavestone’s styles are particularly suited for residences, especially its tumbled and textured lines.

To see more of Pavestone’s offerings, visit its website here: Pavestone


Along with Pavestone, Belgard is also a national brand owned by Oldcastle Architectural Products Group. Oldcastle operates dozens of plants across the country, with two manufacturing Belgard pavers in Arizona, one in Phoenix and one in Chandler. One look at Belgard’s marketing collateral and you realize the difference between it and some of the other manufacturers, its target market is upscale residential.

But Belgard is one of those manufacturers that’s made significant effort to capture a percentage of the commercial market, and Cambridge Cobble is found at many shopping malls and commercial buildings throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Mega Bergerac

In the last 4 t0 5 years, Belgard has really pushed the market forward by offering many new, innovative paver styles that literally transcend the idea of “brick pavers”.

To see Belgard’s full line of pavers and colors, visit its website: Belgard Pavers

AZ Block 2000

AZ Block 2000 has had a presence in the Phoenix market for nearly as long as Pavestone and Belgard. It is a local manufacturer, serving only the Arizona market.

For a long time its product seemed to be a “lower cost alternative” to the Pavestone and Belgard lines, and was popular with landscapers and some of the high-volume local installers due to its cost.

AZ Block 2000 Europa Paver

In time, however, AZ Block 2000 increased its product line, added tumbling capabilities, and advanced textured molds. These moves have enabled AZ Block 2000 to really take some market share from the bigger manufacturers. Today, it is a highly regarded manufacturer distributed by most of the professional supply companies.

Because we’ve had stronger relationships with Pavestone and Belgard, AZ Block 2000 products are not a paver that we’ve installed much of. But on the jobs we have installed it on, we’ve been impressed by its quality and rate it as highly as any other paver line.

To learn more about AZ Block 2000’s products, please visit it on the web at: AZ Block 2000

Phoenix Paver Mfg

Phoenix Paver Mfg is a relative newcomer to the Phoenix market, with a manufacturing facility located in south Phoenix. Phoenix Paver entered the market just before the peak of the Phoenix housing bubble, and provided much needed capacity for homeowners who were frustrated by wait times on materials.

Phoenix Paver Forza

Having built its plant from scratch, Phoenix Paver was able to tailor make its facility. It’s machine works differently than the other manufacturers in the way that its colors are mixed before being poured into the mold. Of all the manufacturers, Phoenix Paver will supply the most consistent colors from pallet to pallet. This can be a concern for some projects using other products, where pulling and mixing pavers from multiple pallets is important to avoid a patchy look in the pavement surface.

Phoenix Paver was also able to manufacture its product at a much lower cost than other manufacturers, leading the price point per square foot for the last several years. Additionally, Phoenix Paver has added new products and colors to its line to offer competing products at all levels with other manufacturers.

Visit its website to learn more about the Phoenix Paver difference, and see its full line of products and colors.


You’ve probably seen Pioneer’s lanscape material outlets or deliver trucks around the Valley at one point or another. But you may not have known that Pioneer also owns and operates a paver plant in the far west Valley.

We’ve never actually installed or dealt with Pioneer pavers in any way, so we don’t know much about them other than they meet and adhere to the required specifications for interlocking concrete pavers.

To learn more about Pioneer’s products, check out its website: Pioneer Pavers

Artistic Paver Mfg.

We mention Artistic Paver here only because it’s a local manufacturer serving the Arizona market. Truth be told, however, Artistic Paver is not a direct competitor with the other manufacturers. Its products are specifically competitors of cool decking and other pool deck treatments. You’re not going to pave a driveway with Artistic Pavers (though they do have options for this).

Paver Pool Deck

Technically speaking, most of Artistic Pavers products aren’t really pavers at all. They’re slabs. The difference being the specification of aspect ratio to be classified as pavers. Artistic Pavers are too big and thin to be considered pavers. Regardless, however, they make exceptional pool decks.

If you’re considering a new pool, or want to remodel your existing pool, take a look at Artistic Pavers

Acker Stone

The inability of local manufacturers to supply demand during the peak of the housing bubble opened the market to non-local competitors. Acker Stone, based in California, began trucking in pallets of pavers to local distributors. Recently, however, Acker Stone opened a local manufacturing plant in Chandler.

Acker Stone has a very broad range of products and colors. To learn more about Acker Stone, visit its website here: Acker Stone.