Paver Entry

paver walkway and entry

We just finished a job in Chandler for a homeowner who’s home had no entry way. Due to the size of the lot, the builder did not put in a walkway from the door to the sidewalk. This meant that anyone visiting the house had to walk up the driveway to get to the door. But when the homeowner’s cars were in the driveway, there was no room to walk on the concrete, so the way to get to the house was to walk through the gravel and plant area.


To solve this problem, we broke up and removed the existing concrete slabs pictured, and installed a brand new paver walkway. To deal with the elevation change between the height of the home’s door and the sidewalk, we included two steps with lights for safety and to add ambiance to the home. Notice the walkway’s smooth flare as it meets with the sidewalk.

paver walkway and entry
In addition to the paver walkway, we also built a well-matched planter made of segmental retaining wall blocks. The pavers are Pavestone Plaza in Sierra Blend, chosen to match the home’s veneer stone. This is a good example at how even a small paver installation adds immense value to a home’s appearance.