How to choose the best paver color

contrasting paver and tiles

Very few decisions you make when planning your paver project have as much impact on the outcome as selecting a paver color. By the time you notice the stone shape, size, or installation pattern, the color of the pavement will already have created an impression. Color can add warmth or coolness, blend in to the surroundings, or stand markedly out.

red brick pavers

paver colors common to the big box stores

A lot of homeowners make the mistake of choosing colors from what’s available at the nearest Home Depot or Lowes. But despite the box stores carrying a larger selection of colors and stones these days, their inventory rules mean you don’t always have access to all of the colors. This, and the fact that pavers used to be thought of as “brick pavers,” is why so many older paver jobs used the bright red and charcoal “Fuego” blends.

Unless you’re working with a landscape architect or designer who is trained to break protocol, there’s one very simple rule to ensure you get the color right, and as it turns out, the rule comes from male fashion magazines: match your paver color to your roof tile. Okay, so Men’s Health doesn’t say how to choose a paver color, but it does advocate matching your belt color to your shoes, and it’s working on the same principle.

contrasting paver and tiles

Here, the red pavement contrasts with the gray roof tiles

paver driveway

This red driveway better matches the red tones of the roof, tying the elements together.

By matching the color of your pavers to your roof tiles you tie all of the living spaces together, like putting it in wrapping. If you’re unsure of how the paver colors will look or match at your home, ask us for some samples. As part of our free consultation and estimate, we’re happy to drop off color samples and talk you through the color selection just to make sure you’re happy about this one, most critical decision about your paver installation.