The importance of a paver job well done

bad paversIt’s easy to spot professional work of all sorts, from photography to bookkeeping to building. Perhaps you saw it while shopping for your current or previous home. You walk outside of an otherwise beautiful house to find terrible landscapes. From materials that obviously come from Home Depot or Lowe’s, to shoddy installations, bad is bloody bad.

And according to a researcher at Clemson University, Mark Henry, bloody bad is bloody expensive. Not in terms of actual expenditures (unless of course it has to be done and paid for twice), but in terms of opportunity costs. Mark Henry’s research indicated that homes with excellent landscaping capture 10% more market value than homes with fair or poor landscaping. Furthermore, Mr. Henry found that quality, professional landscaping (pavers included), could have a recovery value as high as 200%.

In a super tough buyers market such as we find ourselves in now, a well-completed paver job might not just be the competitive advantage to get your home sold, but to do so at a higher price.

Henry, Mark S. 1994. The contribution of landscaping to the price of single family houses: A study of home sales in Greenville, SC. J.Environ.Hort. 12 (2):65-70. June 1994