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Paver Aces is a leading installer of interlocking concrete pavers. We serve the Phoenix Metropolitan area including Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, Mesa and more. Our long history in the industry in both the manufacture and installation of pavers has given us significant expertise; and we pride ourselves on a job well done.

We’ve installed tens of thousands of square feet of pavers at residences across the Valley since 2006.

In addition to paver and hardscape installation, Paver Aces can provide complete landscape service. Ask us about all that we can.

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Paver Driveways

Using pavers for driveways is a common option included in upscale track and custom homes. Paves add choices for the discriminate home owner. Their aesthetic value adds significantly to your home, and can be perfectly coordinated with other design elements like stone and roof tiles to tie the design motif together. Whether your preference is rustic or modern, there is a paver option for you.

Functionally speaking, paver diveways are superior to concrete driveways. Poured concrete has less compressive strength, and is compromised by movements in the sub-grade and temperature extremes. Cracks are not just common, they are expected. The genius of pavers is that the expansion joins come built in. Pavers do not crack, and assuming that they’re installed properly, the surface will maintain its integrity for years to come. Should there be a problem, fixes are cheap and easy.

Paver Patios

Landscape construction is no longer limited to spreading gravel and planting a tree or two. Outdoor living spaces can be as important to your home as those indoor. Patios are the center of your outdoor living space. Here, families and friends gather and couples embrace. Paver patios, by nature, create psychological warmth. They take spaces back in time to days of cobbled streets and stone buildings, when people interacted in the dramas we now mythify.

Ultimately, pavers add options. Circle kits create center points at which to gather. Steps, retaining walls, and sitting benches blend color pallets seamlessly, and add interest to your patio by creating vertical dimension. Different styles and colors, laying patterns, and borders each add character and charm to your enclave. Patios can be elegant, simple, and straight. Or patios can compliment free form shapes such as your pool or putting green.

Paver Pool Decks

Using pavers for your pool deck and coping can be one of the best choices you make about the construction of your pool. Pavers are not susceptible to many of the issues that ail acrylic covered concrete. And though some styles of pavers may radiate more heat, new advances in the manufacturing process address this issue. Artistic Pavers, for example, are made with white cement and alternative aggregates that are as cool or cooler than acrylic alternatives. Other manufacturers use tumbled and textured surface technologies that minimize solar reception and direct contact with your foot. You don’t have to walk on coals to get to your pool anymore, pavers have arrived as a viable alternative to standard concrete decking.

Paver Aces works with Arizona’s best custom pool builders to install the highest quality paver decks. We laser level the pool beam, affix your bullnose coping, and install your paver deck to move water away from your pool and other structures.

Paver Walkways

Your pathways link your outdoor spaces. Your patio, to your pool, to your outdoor kitchen. They form a visitors first impression. Pathways move… always forward. They take you where you want to go, and always show you the way back. Paver pathways enhance this quality through the use of lines. Running bond walks have long vertical lines that draw your eyes and attention onward. Your feet soon follow.

Retaining Walls and Steps

Walls keep harm out. They also keep assets in. We sit on walls. We climb on walls. We are shaded by them.

Belgard’s Celtik and Country Manor segmental wall units keep your vertical design elements consistent with the horizontal element. Their rustic stone-like appearance and color pallets will compliment your flatwork seamlessly.

Paver Aces can utilize these walls to build your outdoors with character. Vertical elements add interest by introducing a third dimension. It may just be the finishing touch your project lacks.